Pastured Meat Rabbit

Pastured rabbit

Mobile rabbit tractor

Our pastured meat rabbits are raised on grass pastures and supplemented with locally-sourced, GMO-free feed. These pastures have not been treated with any chemical fertilizers or herbicides in over 20 years. Our rabbits are not given any pharmaceuticals (such as coccidiostats), wormers or vaccines.

Our rabbits are moved around the pastures in a mobile “rabbit tractors” in a rotational grazing system along with cows, sheep and alpacas which maximizes yields per acre and minimizes parasite load build-ups among ruminants and poultry.

Our rabbits will find about 40% of their diet in the pasture. In addition, these hard-working herbivores put down nitrogen-rich manure fertilizer – for free! Adding pastured rabbits to our rotational grazing systems is one more way we are taking care of the health of the pastures and the animals.

Although we often have stock on hand for individual sales (contact us below for free delivery between Tomah, La Crosse and Minneapolis!), we require 4-month lead times on all of our rabbit share subscriptions (1 rabbit delivered per month for 6 months). You may request a rabbit share any time of the year; however, bear in mind your deliveries may begin 4 months from the date requested.  We do our best to keep stock on hand but if demand is low, you may need to wait for us to create more rabbits!

For rabbit share information please visit our CSA shares page.


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